April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now! In April, we provide independent canoeing opportunities for people with previous canoeing experience, but from the beginning of May beginners can enjoy canoeing too!

The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.

Contact information

Korsuretket Oy / Sanni Luomahaara +358 (0)40 578 6580

VAT identification number:

Korsukylä's visiting address:

Kivimäenkuja 152
38800 Jämijärvi

See Korsukylä's location on the map and driving instructions

Mail address:

Korsuretket Oy
Jyllintie 276
39530 Kilvakkala

Dinner's served! 

Our goal is to complete a wonderful experience in Korsukylä with tasty food! We source the ingredients from local producers and make use of the berries, mushrooms and game that can be found in the surrounding forests, so the food is very local. Proper soupmasters are available to make soup for up to 1000 people with two soup cannons. For smaller groups, we can make game delicacies. The options change depending on the time of year.

If our pre-made menus do not fit your needs, we can design a new menu based on your wishes.

We can also deliver and serve the food at e.g. your own facilities!

See the Korsukylä menus.


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